44th Baltic Musicological Conference: Urban Musical Life in North European Common Cultural Space in Tallinn, February 5–8, 2015

The Department of Musicology, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the Estonian Musicological Society will organize a conference „Urban Musical Life in North European Common Cultural Space” in Tallinn, Estonia 5–8 February 2015.

The conference is dedicated to urban musical life in Northern Europe, understood as a common cultural space around the Baltic and the North Sea. We would like to concentrate on the following topics: continuities and changes in urban musical life through the centuries and under different political regimes; cultural transfer; the role of professional musicians and amateurs. As for the time-period addressed, a special focus would be the 17th and 18th century, but presentations discussing earlier or later time-periods are also welcomed, particularly, if the viewpoint of the discussion includes methodological problems.

Conference presentations shall not extend the time limit of 20 minutes each. Every presentation will be followed by 10 minutes discussion. The conference languages are English and German.

The organizers are: professors Toomas Siitan (chair of the Dept. of Musicology), Kristel Pappel and Urve Lippus, associate professor Anu Kõlar, secretary Anu Veenre (anu.veenre@gmail.com). Information about the conference will be currently published on the website of the Estonian Musicological Society.

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