Pollini & Dusík – CONCERT of the HERA MusMig Slovenian project group

Concert HERA Ljubljana 27_May_2015_1 Kopie27 May 2015, Ljubljana, Novi trg 2, Atrium

Following the edition of Francesco Pollini’s Tre Sonate, Op. 26, two of these will be at the core of the piano recital by Mikayel Balyan on the historical piano by Graf (c. 1830). To diversify the evening Pollini’s piano music will be put side to side with piano pieces by another migrant composer connected with Slovenian lands, Josef František Benedikt Dusík. While Pollini was born in Ljubljana in 1762 but lived and worked later in Milan, Dusík came to Ljubljana from the Czech lands in the late 18th century.

HERA Concert in Ljubljana_May 2015

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