At a glance: Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online

bmloA quality resource for musicological research is offered by the “Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online“, a project hosted at the University Munich which provides more than 27.000 biographical records on musicians related to Bavaria. The project runs since 2004 and is edited by Dr Josef Focht.

The data corpus of the BMLO is focused (but not limited) on musical profession and (historical) Bavaria as a region of activity. This is understood in broadest sense, so the database includes also immigrants from out of Bavaria and musicians of European relevance in their time. There are no constraints regarding other regions or epochs. It also contains data from

The BMLO search mechanism is simple and sophisticated at the same time: it offers full text search, optional category search with logic combinations and an autocomplete mechanism. It is possible to find a person just by its name, but also (in case of ambigous names or anonymous persons) by its sojourns, musical profession, lifetime, etcetera. The database performance, judged from the response time, is excellent.

All biographical entries are displayed with bibliographical references and further encyclopedical resources. Each entry is directly connected to other biographical resources on the web by BEACON technology.

Altogether the BMLO seems to be a highly interesting resource for music related migrational studies, as conducted in the HERA project “MusMig”. For further insight into the BMLO, I recommend the report in the MünchenerUni Magazin (MuM), 2/2009, p. 22.

This is the BMLO Website:


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