organRemšnik, Sunday 9. August 2015 The Slovenian partner group of the HERA MusMig project is taking an active part in organisation of an organ concert, which will take place at the church of Saint Pancras in Remšnik. The concert will be on the renovated organ of a Graz organ builder Johann Andreas Schwarz. At the end of 17th century and in the beginning of the 18th century Schwarz worked also on the territory of today’s Slovenia.

In 1724 Schwarz built an eleven stops and a single manual organ for the church of the Benedictine monastery at Radlje ob Dravi. In the past centuries the organ was frequently repaired and in the process lost most of its authenticity. In 2013 when moved to the church of Saint Pancras the organ was rebuilt by Andrej Dvoršak from Maribor restoring it to its authentic condition, and now – after almost 300 years – the organ will be heard in its original splendour again.

The program of the concert consist of the compositions composed by  Stanko Premrl,
Dietrich Buxtehude, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Georg Muffat and Georg Friedrich Händel.

Zhe address is Remšnik 2, 2363 Podvelka, Slovenia; for further information please contact Mr. Alojz Unuk, Remšnik 55, 2363 Podvelka,

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