MusMig again in the Croatian Musicological Review “Arti musices”

Arti musicesAn article (in Croatian, with English summary) “The Inventory of Music Materials of the Cathedral Chapter in Hvar, 1646/1647” has been published in the Croatian Musicological Review Arti musices, Vol. 46, No. 2. Online version can be found here:

The text by Maja Milošević, member of the Croatian group, researches a manuscript kept in the Cathedral Chapter Archives in Hvar, which contains a list of books and music material owned by the Cathedral Chapter back in 1646/47. Although lost nowdays, recorded music titles are witness to the quantity and quality of music in the town of Hvar (and generally in Dalmatia) during the 1st half of the 17th century. This (music) inventory testifies not only the presence of the contemporary Italian (mostly Venetian early-Baroque) music literature on the island. It also reveals four titles of Tomaso Cecchini’s to date unknown compositions, joined here to the revisited list of Cecchini’s works. Considering the importance of the source in the context of Croatian music historiography and (early) Baroque culture, a focal point of this article is an overview of the inventory’s musical content. It is presented here by way of a table containing transcripted titles and extra details on authors and printed editions, which were formerly a part of the Cathedral Chapter’s music collection.

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