Children playing music by Francesco Pollini (April 2016)

POLLINI Radovan Škrjanc, member of the Slovenian partner group of the MusMig project and author of the critical music edition of three sonatas by a migrant musician Francesco Pollini (* Ljubljana 1762 , † Milan 1846) published in the series of Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae in 2014, has been involved also in promoting Pollini’s music within larger musical circles, especially music schools.
In April 2016 two events with children playing Pollini is to take place in Ljubljana. On April 6th there was a short matinee piano concert by pupils of the Music school Vic-Rudnik Ljubljana at the Scientific Research Centre.

On April 15th there will be a soiree of Pollini’s pieces with an introductory lecture by Radovan Škrjanc at the music school itself. Pupils of a number of teachers will perform piano pieces and solo songs.

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