The Styrian Counts von Attems and Music in the Eighteenth Century

Exhibition by Metoda Kokole at Slovenska Bistrica: 20 April – 11 May 2016Exhibition at Slovenska Bistrica

For the concert at Slovenska Bistrica Metoda Kokole prepared an exhibition of five large posters relating the background story of music endeavours of Counts von Attems in the eighteenth century: The Four Generations of Music Lovers and Patrons of Music, Music Souvenirs of Count Ignaz von Attems from 1738, The Collection of Arias Belonging to Countess Josepha, The Flutist and the Soprano Singer, Achille in Sciro from Rome to Graz in 1738 and the Production of 2016. For the opening on 20 April she gave an introductory pre-concert talk.

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