Exhibition Imago musicae and its catalogue

Brežice Castle: 21 April – 19 October 2016

Imago musicae_catalogueOn 21 April 2016 a major exhibition at Brežice Castle was opened by the Achille in Sciro concert. The bilingual exhibition Imago musicae: Music in the Baroque frescoes of Brežice castle has been prepared in cooperation with two art-historians. It is concerned with music and musical instruments depicted in frescoes commissioned in early eighteenth century by the new owner of the castle the mighty patron of arts Count Ignaz Maria I von Attems. All scenes that include musicians (allegory of Music, allegory of Hearing and a scene from T. Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered, Canto 18) are explained, all depicted instruments described in words and their sounds offered in selected music examples. A catalogue with expanded texts was published and co-financed by the HERA MusMig. On the opening see http://www.pmb.si/foto-galerija/odprtje-razstave-imago-musicae-glasba-na-barocnih-poslikavah-breziskega-gradu-in-koncert-arij-iz-opere-ahil-na-skirosu

Exhibition at Brezice

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