Giuseppe Michele Stratico’s Concert on the repertoire of the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra and soloists

Zagreb, 7 June 2016 Stratico_concert

Five music scores were published within the HERA MusMig project: two violin concertos by Giovanni Giornovichi/Ivan Jarnović, two concertos for two violins by Giuseppe Michele Stratico, and an aria by Julije Bajamonti. These compositions have already been performed by the Croatian Baroque Ensemble, violinists Bojan Čičić and Ivan Jakšeković, and soprano Monika Cerovčec, on the HERA MusMig concerts held in Zagreb in October 2014 and May 2016.

We are pleased that this time Giuseppe Michele Stratico’s “Concert for two violins and strings in D major (2)”, published within the HERA MusMig project in 2013, will be performed by violinists Dmitrij Sinkovski and Silvio Richter, accompanied by the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Tomislav Fačini. This will be a part of the Croatian Radiotelevision Choir and the Symphony Orchestra’s last concert of the season, which will be held on 9 June 2016. The concert entitled “Odzivi starina” (“Echoes of the antiquities”) will include works by Croatian migrant composers of the 18th and 19th century: Amando Ivančić, Giuseppe Michele Stratico and Antun Sorkočević. The concert will also present works by Croatian contemporary composers Marko Ruždjak and Mladen Tarbuk, both reflecting on the musical past. Live broadcast of the concert will be on the Third Programme of the Croatian Radio.

Lucija Konfic, member of the Croatian partner group of the HERA MusMig project and author of the preface in the edition, presented today the Concerto on the Croatian Radio, announced the performance and emphasized it as an excellent example of the knowledge exchange.

The Croatian Radiotelevision Choir and the Symphony Orchestra
Tomislav Fačini, conductor
Dmitrij Sinkovski, Silvio Richter, violins
Ivana Garaj Korpar, soprano
Filip Merčep, marimba
Monika Cerovčec, soprano
Miroslav Živković, baritone


Amando Ivančić: Symphony in C major
Marko Ruždjak: Ricercar for strings
Giuseppe Michele Stratico: Concert for two violins and strings in D major (2)
Mladen Tarbuk: Medida del tiempo por relojes differentes for soprano, marimba and strings
Antun SorkočevićDixit Dominus for soloists, choir and orchestra

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