Concert DVD by the HERA MusMig Croatian project group

Zagreb, August 2016

In order to enrich the project visibility and to draw the attention of the audience, the HERA MusMig Croatian project group prepared the DVD with music by three 18th-century composers connected with Croatian lands: Giuseppe Michele Stratico, Julije (Giulio) Bajamonti, and Giovanni Giornovichi (Ivan Jarnović). Their compositions were performed by the Croatian Baroque Ensemble and soloists on two concerts within the project on music migrations: “Migrant Musicians in the Enlightenment Era”, held in Zagreb on 13 October 2014, and “Migrant and Travelling Composers of the Late 18th Century”, held on 16 May 2016.

DVD brings together maps of composers’ migrations flows, short musicological comments on their lives and works, manuscripts, and covers of six music scores published within the project.
Videos from the DVD are online on YouTube:hmd-dvd


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