Articles on MusMig topics by MusMig researchers published in OAJ Arti musices

figSix researchers from the MusMig group from Warsaw, Ljubljana and Zagreb participated in a thematic unit on Musicians’ mobility in the Croatian musicological journal Arti musices (47/1-2, 2016), presenting results from their respective project topics and case studies. There are papers by Barbara Prybyszewska-Jarmińska (Habsburg Queens of Poland and Music at the Polish Royal Court at the End of 16th and in the 17th Centuries), Vjera Katalinić, with two historians – Lovorka Čoralić and Maja Katušić (Drummers, Timpanists, Trumpeters and Fifers: Musical Accompaniment in Venetian Overseas Army Units in the Eighteenth Century, in Croatian with a summary in English), Metoda Kokole (The Lasting Musical Effects of the Italian Grand Tours of Ignaz Maria von Attems-Heiligenkreutz (1714-1762) and Thomas Gray (1716-1771), Alina Żórawska-Witkowska (The Music Library of the Warsaw Theatre in the Years 1788 and 1797: An Expression of the Migration of European Repertoire) and Katarina Trček (Invaluable Cultural Heritage or the Fading Image of the Past: The State of Historical Organs in the Territory of Present-Day Slovenia through the Example of the Organs of Joannes Franciscus Janechek). Aneta Markuszwska published and comprehensive report of the final MusMig conference and concerts in Warsaw in May 2016. All papers can be reached at: Link

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